Change through disaster

Art Futures

One day, some of the futures we currently imagine won’t be present. How can we encourage those we want and discourage those we don’t?

20th - 21st March 2013, a two day workshop for the Roaming Academy at the Dutch Art Institute (DAI), Arnhem, the Netherlands



Art Futures was a workshop that explored the urgent challenge of building desirable futures for art, artists, arts institutions and the communities they constitute. By way of future-casting, we catapulted ourselves fifty years forward in time and tried to remember how we got there. Conversations, post-it maps and timelines tracked our experience as we performativley inhabited 2063. During a process of critical reflection, it dawned on the working group that we could only imagine positive change through disaster. Depressing.

To nourish our future-casting, I introduced and screened Museum Futures.

Art Futures is based on a method developed by Manuela Zechner for Future Archive and moderated by my timeline experiences with Procesos de archivo/ Archivalprocess  at Intermediae and with Critical Practice for El Ranchito


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