more soon.......Timeline Intermediae

We discuss how we are working on the idea of a timeline, as an interface to the archive and as an interface to Intermediae itself. The timeline could bridge digital and physical activities and processes (we are installing the first iteration of a timeline of Intermediae, so visitors can orientate themselves), to enable subjective interpretations of Intermediae, and eventually enable the co-construction of Intermediae. We are dreaming a wiki-like timeline (on and off-line) as an interface to Intermediae, an organisation committed to making and remaking relationships between creativity, and its publics.




Timeline Intermediae











Read about the evolution of the Relational Machine, or see how the Procesos de Archivo project developed by reading about the first working session (begining of the mapping) with Jorge Blasco, the second session with Daniel Andujar, the third with Miren Eraso, or the fourth with Sue Breakell.


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